Nebraska Distillers

Ord, Nebraska

Hampton Roads Ventures, LLC utilized New Markets Tax Credits to help finance the expansion and modernization of an agricultural technology company, Nebraska Distillers Products, LLC, located in Ord Nebraska, that transforms distillers grains (agricultural waste products) into livestock feed and sustainable building products.  The modernization of Nebraska Distillers replaced an inefficient industrial production system with one that uses far less energy and has a minimal carbon footprint.

Nebraska Distillers takes distiller byproduct from the ethanol plant south of Ord and turns it into feed, cubing it with 100% distillers to provide for a longer shelf life and increased nutritional value.  The product from Nebraska Distillers is sent both locally and across the country.

In addition to creating new job opportunities at the facility, the Nebraska Distillers project will provide significant support for the local agricultural community from which it will purchase the raw materials needed in the manufacturing process.

HRV Qualified Low Income Community Investment

$5,880,000 RETURN TO ALL