Vidalia Mills

Vidalia, Louisiana

HRV invested in a project in rural Vidalia, Louisiana to finance equipment at a textile mill located in a former Fruit of the Loom facility that closed in 2016. This complex project utilizes Federal and State tax credits to house a yarn and denim manufacturing facility, helping to reinvigorate the U.S. textile industry by producing high-quality fabrics using sustainable and eco-friendly processes.

The project has committed to using environmentally sustainable practices to reduce energy consumption, water usage and emissions as compared to other textile mills and will use plant-based non-chemical dyes and biomass-based fabrics. In addition, 100% of the cotton used by Vidalia Mills will be sourced from local farmers who are compliant with the E3 Sustainable Cotton Program.

The new mill is anticipated to generate 70 new full-time jobs at the facility, as well as retain 60 full-time positions, paying salaries anticipated to be significantly higher than the average living wage in this distressed rural community. All full-time employees will receive comprehensive benefits. Vidalia Mills works with local workforce organizations and the Louisiana Economic Developmentā€™s Fast Start program to host multiple job fairs to recruit from the local low-income community and to provide customized job training on site.

HRV Qualified Low Income Community Investment

$5,880,000 Return to All