Legends Square Retail

Grambling, Louisiana

Grambling, Louisiana Begins a Job-Creating Project Thanks to Funding from Hampton Roads Ventures, LLC.  Legends Square Project Will Include the Town’s Only Conventional Grocery Store.

The City of Grambling, Hampton Roads Ventures, LLC, and other economic development partners partnered in a dynamic project to provide the community’s residents with much-needed retail options, including the town’s only conventional grocery store and pharmacy.

Called the Legends Square Retail Development, the project is being financed in part with Federal New Markets Tax Credit resources.  The development is projected to create 100 full-time, local jobs, as well as 125 construction jobs, and will add significantly to the local tax base.

The City of Grambling is well-known as home to the renowned Grambling State University (GSU).  Despite Grambling’s national reputation, the area is designated as a “food desert” by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, meaning residents lack access to quality, affordable fresh foods  Members of the community are forced to travel to surrounding areas to shop for groceries and other basic retail commodities.  Not only is the additional travel inconvenient, it also means precious tax and economic development dollars are being exported to surrounding localities instead of generating benefits for the city.

The six-acre Legends Square project includes the construction of a 48,300-square-foot retail development.  The new development will feature a full-size grocery store and pharmacy, as well as a space for four new commercial retail stores.

Approximately 2,000 square feet is dedicated to honoring community and GSU legends.  The development is also expected to generate new local economic opportunities that will help create a new generation of Grambling leaders.

HRV Qualified Low Income Community Investment

$5,880,000 Return to all